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10 Quinceañera Gift Ideas That Are Both Traditional and Personalized

Quinceanera Gift Ideas

When attending a quinceanera, you want to make sure that your gift is appropriate for the cultures and traditions of the event. We have gathered some of the best quinceanera gifts that guests can give on a young women’s special day. Keep in mind that a gift can go a long way, especially during an event like a quinceanera. Get inspired by these quinceanera gift ideas and put your own twist to them!

1. Religious Wall Cross

10 Quinceañera Gift Ideas That Are Both Traditional and Personalized

It’s important to know that many Hispanic and Latino families are very much involved in their faith, especially when it comes to quinceaneras. Bringing traditional quinceanera gifts like a religious wall cross is appropriate for the occasion. Make sure that the wall cross is customizable, which can include a personal message or a picture of the quinceanera herself! This makes your gift stand out more and shows that you really put some thought and dedication into it.

2. Personalized Planner or Notebook

Notebook Planner

As the quinceanera becomes a woman, giving her a customized planner or notebook can teach her the importance of time management. You can even add a fancy engraved pen to go along with the planner. Since she is most likely starting high school, these quinceanera gift ideas can definitely help her to start getting more organized and plan out her future!

3. Custom Quinceanera Necklace


Since it’s a celebration of a girl turning into a young woman, why not gift her a custom quinceanera necklace for the occasion? The pendant can have the quinceanera’s initials or her first name. It’s a relatively one of the best quinceanera gifts that can really make her happy.

4. Concert Tickets


If you have a very close relationship with the quinceanera, you might know her favorite music genre and artists. Buying her concert tickets for the band she always wanted to see is a great way to make her incredibly happy. This can be a moment to show how close your relationship is with each other. Just make sure you it’s an appropriate band and artist.

5. Makeup Lalette


You don’t have to be young to appreciate being gifted a makeup palette. Traditional quinceanera gifts such as makeup palettes or kit are sure to make a quinceanera’s day a little more unique and glamorous. To make it even more personal, make sure to find out which brand and color aesthetic she really loves! There are also makeup influencers that sell their own makeup brand, which can also be gifted.

6. Shopping Gift Card

Gift Card

Let her do the shopping at her favorite store brand! A shopping spree is always a great time, especially when you don’t have to worry about the cost. This is a more personal and indirect way of giving the quinceanera cash. Feel free to include more than one gift card to show that you really know what she’s into!

7. A Personalized Picture Frame

Custom Frame

Sharing memories is one of the most personal gifts you can give to any person. A picture frame is a cost-effective way to share those intimate moments frozen in time that bring up great memories! Whether its an event that showcases something that happened 5 years ago or the past few months, it’s always good to reminisce. 

8. Bouquet of Flowers

Flower Bouquet

There might be cases where you might not know the quinceanera that well but would still like to bring a gift to show your congratulations. Providing bouquet of flowers are great quinceanera gift ideas that are sure to satisfy anyone. Try to match the flower colors to the quinceanera theme or dress to make it more personal and connected. You can also pick flowers colors that go with the season. Consider looking at quinceanera bouquet options on Instagram so you have an idea of what decorative style to purchase when heading to a florist.

9. Amusement Park Tickets

Amusement Park Ticket

Have the quinceanera look forward to a day she definitely won’t forget! Some of the best quinceanera gifts can come from unique places. Therefore, an amusement park ticket is a fun gift that she and her family can enjoy together. If she likes roller coasters, buy her Six Flag tickets, or if she wants to be a princess just a while longer, take her to Disneyland!

10. Family Heirloom

Family Heirloom Tiara

As traditional quinceanera gifts, family heirloom are passed down from generation to generation. This can be as small as a bracelet but must have an immense family or cultural significance. The quinceanera will give the same item to her daughter in the future to keep the tradition going. If for any reason you don’t posses a family heirloom, consider starting a new one.

Hopefully by now, above quinceanera gift ideas have inspired to personalize them. If you’re a guest looking for an outstanding quinceanera venue in Los Angeles, consider having it at Platinum Banquet Hall. Our experienced event coordinators will make sure to work with you to plan out your celebration and make it exactly how you want it. Contact us and we’ll help you create an unforgettable quinceanera celebration for you and your guests!


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