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Must-Have Discussions with Your Wedding Planner Before the Big Day

Even if you’re not planning a wedding you understand that it’s a stressful, overwhelming process. There are so many components that go into a wedding, no matter if you’re planning an extravagant event or a smaller gathering. This is the reason why many brides choose to hire a wedding planner to take the reigns and help you make big decisions, find vendors, and make sure everything is going as planned. But once you hire your wedding planner, it’s not all set and done. There are a few things you must speak with them about to ensure you’re getting the wedding of your dreams that fits into reality.

Your Wedding Budget

This is the first and most important discussion to have with your wedding planner. After all, they don’t know your circumstances and will recommend their favorite vendors regardless of price if you don’t tell them what you’re willing to spend. Even if you have a large budget, setting ground rules is a smart decision. Don’t be embarrassed to speak honestly about your budget so that you can both get on the same page from the start. An unclear budget can be a great source of stress for brides and their families, so setting clear expectations is key and will help ensure your happiness through the whole planning process. And talking about budget isn’t just to protect you from going over budget, it’s also helpful if you have a large allowance because if a wedding planner doesn’t know that you’re willing to spend whatever it takes to achieve your dream wedding, they may hold back on showing you certain venues or vendors assuming that they aren’t realistic.

Your Family Relationships

Your wedding planner will want to know everything about your family situation to plan appropriately and correctly. This means telling them if your parents or fiance’s parents are divorced, if any family members are currently feuding, or if anyone in your family will attempt to embarrass you at any point on your special day, like grabbing the microphone for a mortifying speech. Once informed, your wedding planner will be able to plan for these potentially disruptive moments to prevent them from happening and to give you a beautiful day of bliss.

Day-of Schedule

Go over the timeline of the wedding with your planner so you are both on the same page for what happens, and when. Discussing the timeline won’t just help alleviate any stress on the big day but will also ensure that you achieve everything you want to do. Hold a discussion for what will happen before the ceremony when you’re getting ready. When should I be all done with hair and makeup? Will you be there in the morning to answer any of my questions? When will the photos begin? Understand how accessible your planner will be on your wedding day because you just don’t know if they are planning to be around for the morning of, or if they’re planning to be at a venue setting up unless you ask.

Wedding Day Details

Make sure you discuss every detail that you want to see on your wedding day with your planner. This means having any snacks available while you’re getting ready, having champagne and glasses ready for you and your girls, and any other details. Your planner won’t know what you want to have and see on your wedding day if you don’t discuss these details! Also, don’t forget to give your planner all of your bridesmaid’s phone numbers and to give them the planner’s number as well, so they can get in contact with each other if you’re busy getting ready, or if the planner needs to make sure everyone is on time and on their way to each destination.

Sign on the Dotted Line

As with any vendor you are hiring for your wedding day, make sure to sign a contract with your wedding planner as soon as you hire their services. And additionally, provide your planner with all of the contracts from each of your rented vendors throughout the planning process. Your planner can be the one to keep these important documents organized and filed if you ever need to review them. The great thing about having a wedding planner isn’t only to get the insider scoop on the best vendors in your area, but to have someone else take the reigns on all the not-so-fun parts and the organization of them, so take advantage that they are here to do so. Your planner will help ensure your vendors are providing what was agreed upon and that you’re getting exactly what you want for your big day. Even if you’ve had detailed discussions with each of your vendors, have equally detailed discussions about each component with your planner so they will be able to correct any issues or mix-ups on the spot.

Don’t worry about feeling like your micro-managing your wedding planner or being too detailed by having all of these conversations with them. They will appreciate the honest, in-depth discussions so that they can do their jobs correctly and give you the dream wedding you’ve always wanted.


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