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10 Beauty Rest Tips for the Night Before Your Wedding

After months of planning your wedding, when the night before rolls around, it can be a surreal feeling. Tomorrow is not just another day; it’s your wedding! And amid all the details bouncing around in your head, sugar plums definitely aren’t and, chances are, you might have a little trouble falling asleep. And we don’t blame you, you are about to experience the best day of your life, and that deserves some beauty sleep. Follow our wedding night beauty rest tips and wake up glowing and ready to party!

Avoid Alcohol

Although there will probably be wine at your rehearsal dinner, it is best to skip the alcohol the night before the big day. Your digestive system won’t begin breaking down the alcohol until early in the morning which will deprive you of deep beauty sleep, and it will dehydrate your skin. Do you want dull skin and puffy eyes in the morning? Nope!

Have an Early Dinner

Although it may seem early to schedule your rehearsal dinner around 4:30-5:00, it’s best to eat dinner and socialize early in the evening so you have plenty of time to wind down . By bedtime, you should be wound down from celebrating with family and friends and relaxed enough to hit the sheets. If your friends or bridal party want to go out and party all night, let them. You need your wedding night beauty sleep.

Relax with your Spouse-to-be

Instead of partying all night before your wedding, doesn’t it sound even better to just lay low and relax with your husband-to-be? You two can snuggle up inside, turn the lights down low, and spend some quiet time together before the excitement begins.

Exercise Early in the Day

The morning before your big day, plan to wake up and go for a run, hike, or a bike ride to relieve some stress, calm your nerves, and boost your endorphins for some much-needed energy for the rest of the day. Exercise will keep you energized the day before the wedding for any last minute errands and crafts, and it will help you feel more rested at night.

Skip the Caffeine

Okay, so if you must have coffee the day before the wedding, have it early in the morning so it can’t possibly do anything to keep your brain awake at night. You’ll already be thinking about the details of the wedding when you go to sleep, and coffee shouldn’t be another reason why you’re jittery.

No More Wedding Talk!

After a certain time on the day before your wedding, designate a “don’t say wedding” time frame. After the scheduled time in the evening, ask friends and family not to discuss details about the ceremony or reception with you. It may keep you up at night if you’re mulling over last minute touches.

Schedule the Schedule

When you’re planning out what you’ll get done the week of the wedding, be sure to schedule errands and activities early the day before the wedding. You’ll appreciate getting things done early and not having to prep and stress right up until the rehearsal dinner.

Don’t Stare at Screens

Right before bed, if you stare at the blue glow of a phone or computer, it tricks your brain into thinking it isn’t night time and to stay wired. So you can imagine how staring at your phone to send any last minute emails, texts, or looking through Pinterest for last minute ideas (totally crazy) can disrupt your sleep. Put away the technology by a certain time and give your brain plenty of time to power down.

Soak in a Hot Bath

There’s nothing quite like a hot bubble bath to calm your nerves and wind down after a busy day. Light some candles, turn down the lights, and put on some relaxing spa music. The warm temperature of the bath will relax your muscles and help prepare you for sleep.

Just Breathe

On the day before your wedding, you’ve done all you can to prepare for your dream wedding. It’s time to relax, breathe, and just bask in the enjoyment of it all. Try not to stress about every little detail, because when it’s all said and done, it’s all about you and your soon-to-be spouse and you need to enjoy every moment.

Follow our tips for getting your bridal beauty sleep before your wedding, and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and totally ready to celebrate the day!


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