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13 Delicious Late-Night Wedding Snacks To Keep Your Party Going

late-night wedding snacks

It’s just about 1 a.m. The DJ is still spinning your favorite hits and your guests are still rocking out with you on the dance floor—but there’s just one more thing the night needs to end perfectly: late-night wedding snacks.

Your guests have gotten themselves a great workout on the dance floor, and that means they’ve burned off a lot of the calories they ate earlier. Why not treat them to some late-night fuel them for that final stretch of the night?

Here are 13 tasty treats that your guests will thank you for.

13 Delicious Late-Night Wedding Snacks To Keep Your Party Going

1. Tacos

Who doesn’t love tacos—seriously? They’re an easy snack that can be done in so many ways. They can be done with carne asada, al pastor, carnitas, and many more options that your guests will love. Best of all, they’re easy to eat and there isn’t much cleanup after them. This is absolutely one of our favorite late-night wedding snacks.

13 Delicious Late-Night Wedding Snacks To Keep Your Party Going
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2. Popcorn

Popcorn has long been a late-night snack for any occasion. It’s easy to make, and can be done in many variations.You can set up a popcorn machine where your guests can go grab it themselves, and you can even create custom popcorn boxes with your initials on them to add a nice custom touch.

The wonderful thing about popcorn is that you can add a variety of powdered toppings to it to give it any flavor. Here’s a list of 50 flavored popcorn recipes to give you some great ideas.

13 Delicious Late-Night Wedding Snacks To Keep Your Party Going
Photo Courtesy of Southernfatty.com

3. Soft Pretzels

Give your guests the gift of carbs with this late-night wedding snack. Miniature soft pretzels with mustard—or cheese sauce, if you’re feeling adventurous—is a great quick snack to allow your guests to refuel and get back on the dance floor.

Late-Night Wedding Snacks
Photo Courtesy of FuelForWellness.com

4. Chicken And Waffle Sliders

Do you want breakfast food or dinner food? Chicken and waffles solves that problem by combining two delicious items to create a sweet and savory dish. If you haven’t had chicken and waffles before, do yourself a favor and head to your local spot. It may sound weird, but the flavor combination works perfectly—and putting them into slider form just makes it easier to eat.

Late-Night Wedding Snacks

5. Shish Kabob Skewers

Here’s another one of the great late-night wedding snacks that can be customized into a variety of different ways. Opt for all meat skewers, or mix it with grilled veggies.

There are many options when putting these together, since there are various types of meat, poultry, or fish, as well as a multitude of veggies. These are simple and easy to eat for your guests. After all, who doesn’t like meat on a stick?

Late-Night Wedding Snacks
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6. Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup Dippers

An American classic! These two go together like peas in a pod. Rainy days were always better when you had these, right? Also, what a simple and easy snack for your guests to eat. It’s guaranteed that this option will warm their soul and give them that extra energy boost to keep dancing the night away.

Late-Night Wedding Snacks
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7. Coffee And Donuts

Just when they’re getting tired, hit your guests with a caffeine-and-sugar rush to give them that second wind. You can get creative with this snack and offer donut holes and espresso, or you could go with large donuts and a big cup of coffee. Either way, your guests will thank you for that extra bit of energy to keep them going.

13 Delicious Late-Night Wedding Snacks To Keep Your Party Going
Photo Courtesy of SeriousEats.com

8. Quesadillas

These cheesy treats are bound to make your guests smile. Make them with plain cheese or mix it up with meat and salsa. You can make a variety of these for the different preferences your guests have. You can add salsa, guacamole, and sour cream on the side for dipping. Quesadillas are simple and easy snacks that everyone can enjoy.

13 Delicious Late-Night Wedding Snacks To Keep Your Party Going
Photo Courtesy of DaysOfTheYear.com

9. Ice Cream Sandwiches

There’s nothing more delicious than creamy ice cream stacked between two freshly-baked cookies. These are the perfect sugar rush to get your guests back on the dance floor and partying throughout the night.

You can either pre-make these or have an ice cream sandwich bar with various cookies and ice cream flavors for your guests to choose from. We’ve all craved a midnight bowl of ice cream every once in awhile. Why not make these one of your late-night wedding snacks?

Late-Night Wedding Snacks

10. Pizza

I mean…it’s pizza. Everyone loves it. It’s easy to eat and can be done in many ways. Give your guests the gift of a late-night slice of pizza to curb that hunger.

The beauty of pizza is all the different toppings you can go with. Or you can go with the classic cheese pie. Whatever you choose, your guests will definitely be happy that you made this one of your late-night wedding snacks.

Late-Night Wedding Snacks

11. Burger Sliders

Similar to the chicken and waffle sliders, these are mini burgers that pack a punch. Give your guests a treat with the 2-3 bite sliders that will help eliminate their hunger.

Also: offer these with a side of fries if you want! You can make them with or without cheese, chili, or veggies.

Late-Night Wedding Snacks
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12. Mac And Cheese In A Cone

Give a twist to the great American classic by filling a cone with mac and cheese. This one-handed meal will definitely have your guests talking (after they devour it, of course). It’s also a perfect snack that is very Instagram-worthy.

Late-Night Wedding Snacks
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13. Cookies And Milk

Is there really a better combo? Take a bite of that chocolatey, gooey cookie and wash it down with a cold glass of milk. If Santa Claus approves, then how can you not?

Perhaps one of the easiest late-night wedding snacks on our list, milk and cookies are a simple treat that will take your guests back to their childhood. It’s just enough to give them a boost to keep going!

Late-Night Wedding Snacks: Conclusion

Your guests’ feet are hurting, they’re sweaty, and their ties and high heels have come off. Why not give them a treat to keep them going? if you’re thinking about creating one of these delicious options, talk to our catering team about how we can make your night extra special with some late-night wedding snacks!


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