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White-Hot Wedding Photography Trends For 2017

Bridal Portrait With Backlighting

When it comes to wedding photography, 2017 is embracing both nostalgic trends (the return of film) and cutting-edge modern trends (drones, drones, drones). The overall theme seems to be “romantic and exciting”—obviously two great things when you’re talking about a wedding!

So what are the top trends this year, and which ones match the tone of your own wedding? Take a look at 2017’s favorites:

Wedding Photo Taken With Drone

Drone Shots

Chances are, you have a few friends who are nuts about their drones and the footage it captures. (Or hey, maybe it’s even you!) With the wild success of drone footage, wedding photography has not been neglected. Wedding photographers are embracing drone shots due to the unique perspective they have the ability to capture and the unconventionality of the angles. The quality of drone shots may not be as high-quality as shots that can be caught on the ground, but their uniqueness makes them fun to have.

Man Proposing To GirlProposal Shots

This trend is popping up more and more. The groom will arrange for a photographer to hide somewhere nearby right before he proposes so that the moment can be perfectly captured and shared later with family and friends. Proposal photos are becoming extremely popular, and with good reason: they’re genuine, moving, and very romantic. Because of this, this trend is probably going to be sticking around for quite awhile.

Backlit Bridal PortraitDramatic Backlighting

This trend makes everyone look like they’re in a movie, so of course couples are requesting it from photographers. By using natural light at sunrise or sunset that peeks in from behind the subject, a photographer can get intensely romantic and beautiful imagery. This style is also very flattering, romantic, and dramatic.

Overhead Wedding PhotographyOverhead Angles

Similar to aerial drone shots, overhead angles can show off the spirit of the day in a way that other angles just can’t. They also tend to add an interesting and cinematic quality to wedding photography.

Day After Wedding Shoot

After-Wedding Shoots

Similar to the famous “morning after the Oscars” shots, day-after wedding photos are able to capture a relaxed mood that people seem to love. These photos are generally shot in a different location than the wedding venue, sometimes even in the couple’s home. These types of photos evoke the contentment and adoration of the newlyweds.

Flash Photography At Wedding ReceptionIncorporating Flash

Although flash photography comes down to taste, it’s growing in popularity this year due to the highly-stylized effect it brings to a photo. Especially popular for the wedding reception shots, flash photography is enhanced by hard shadows and gives a high-energy party feel to images. Meaning, your reception photos can look like the event of the year if you get a photographer who knows how to properly use flash to get this look.

FilmThrowback To Film

Film photographers have seen a huge increase in their demand over the last year from couples who are getting married. Even with all the advancements of digital photography, there’s something about the way film renders light, color, and tones that makes photos softer, more flattering, and more romantic than the crispness of digital photography. This is making many couples nostalgic and enthusiastic about having their wedding shot with film photography.

Check out more wedding trends for 2017 in the video below:

Which wedding photography trend is your favorite? If you’re planning your wedding, consider which of these you might want to try. And if you’re planning your wedding, be sure to also consider Platinum Banquet Hall in Los Angeles for your wedding venue. We have a stunning venue, outstanding service, and excellent catering to create weddings that are beautiful and unforgettable. Check out the Platinum Banquet Hall gallery, or ask about our pricing and availability.


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