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5 Wedding Planning Tips For Grooms

5 Wedding Planning Tips For Grooms

There’s a reason that the term “bridezilla” exists. Brides are notorious for controlling every aspect of wedding planning, from the wedding reception and wedding venue decor to seating arrangements and more. And naturally, that can make the whole affair pretty difficult for the groom.

Weddings are all about the union between two people, so why let one have all the control when it comes to planning? Fear not grooms, because the team at Platinum Banquet Hall is here to help with some tips on how to make your wedding planning experience smooth and enjoyable.

1) Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Wedding planning can be a pretty stressful activity. There are so many small details that come together to make a wedding a success, and it’s easy to become engrossed in the smallest details of the big day. But it’s important that you don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember, your family and friends are coming to the wedding to celebrate the union of you and your spouse. Guests won’t notice if a dinner fork is a little too big or if the vases for your centerpieces aren’t the fanciest option. Just stay focused on what’s most important, and your big day will be a big success.

2) Find Things To Control

Wives might take the lead when it comes to wedding planning, but they can’t do it alone, even if they want to. That’s why as the groom, you should try to find aspects of the wedding that you can plan and control. Whether that’s creating the reception menu or overseeing final preparations for the ceremony, being proactive about planning will help your bride-to-be relax and enjoy the days leading up to your wedding.

3) Practice Dancing

Your wedding day is filled with big moments, with none being quite as special as your first dance with your new wife. That means you need to make sure you actually know how to dance! Be sure to practice with your wife before you hit the dance floor on your wedding day. And if you really need the extra help, consider taking some dancing lessons beforehand. Believe us, if you know how to dance, both your guests and your wife will be seriously impressed.

4) Get Fit For The Big Day

Brides are always concerned about looking good for their wedding day, and the biggest mistakes come when the groom isn’t also concerned. You want to look amazing in your suit or tuxedo, and if you’re not already in good shape then you need to start getting ready months in advance. Consider hitting the gym a couple days a week and laying off the junk food a few months before your wedding, that way you’re looking sharp for the big day. After all, you’re gonna be in a lot of pictures.

 5)Plan The Honeymoon

Planning the wedding is a big deal, but remember that your life with your spouse really gets going while on your honeymoon. Thankfully, you can make sure things get off to an amazing start by taking the initiative to plan your honeymoon yourself. If you get started early, you’ll be able to plan everything yourself, allowing your wife to focus on the wedding day without getting overwhelmed by planning.

Planning a wedding is a massive undertaking, and things are only truly successful when both the bride and groom come together to make the event a success. Luckily, you’re not alone. The team at Platinum Banquet Hall is here to make sure your wedding is a huge success. With world-class amenities, delicious dining, and stunning decor, our venue is truly one of Los Angeles’ best. Contact Platinum Banquet Hall today for more information on our wedding event services.


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