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6 Great After-Wedding Dress Ideas

After Wedding Dress Ideas - Trash The Dress

There’s nothing quite like finding your perfect wedding dress and then making your entrance at your wedding. For many brides, this is a moment they wait their entire lives for, and their dress helps bring that moment to life. But then the wedding ends—and too often, the dress just hangs in a closet. However, many women are finding interesting uses for their wedding dresses post-ceremony. Here are a few things you can do with yours. Read on for some great after wedding dress ideas!

Sell It

Probably the most popular after wedding dress idea, selling it makes sense to grab a little extra cash. Many brides decide to sell their only-worn-once wedding dress to earn money for their new life with their brand-new spouse. There are some great websites such as Nearly Newlywed who buy used wedding dresses, as well as classics like Etsy, Craigslist, or eBay.

Transform It

Are you the creative type? Handy with a sewing machine? Your wedding dress could become many things: a christening gown for your child; evening bags; framed works of art. You could even alter it into a cocktail dress or lingerie. If you can think it up and transform it, there are many options for after wedding dress ideas.

Donate It

As you can probably guess, many women who are getting married can’t really afford a nice wedding dress. This is what makes donating so special. By giving yours to an organization such as Brides Across America, you could make someone’s dreams come true for their wedding day. This is a very generous and considerate after wedding dress idea.

Trash It And Have A Photoshoot

Lots of brides enjoy “trashing” their wedding dress to fulfill a fun fantasy. Instead of selling or preserving it, they choose to jump into mud puddles wearing their dress, swim underwater in it, tie-dye it, have a food fight in it, play paintball in it, let friends graffiti it—you name it. A popular trend is to do a photoshoot while trashing the dress to save the memory.

Let It Become A Star

If you’re in Los Angeles (or anywhere else where a lot of filming takes place), consider giving or selling your dress cheaply to a local production. Many filmmakers are truly grateful for deals like this. You can list it online, or simply keep an eye out for productions around town that may need it.

Preserve It

Of course, a huge amount of brides decide to preserve their wedding dress for their daughters, other brides, or perhaps even for themselves on a future anniversary. A professional wedding dress preservation specialist will be able to clean the dress carefully and thoroughly, wrap it in acid-free paper, seal it in a box with nitrogen to prevent oxidation, and hand it to you in a museum-grade box. (Just remember: you can’t take the dress out until it’s time for it to be worn!)

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